What A Cake!!

Last night I picked up 2 gorgeous cakes from Lark Cake Shop:  one chocolate mocha, and one coconut cake that is simply breathtaking.  The decoration on this cake alone is so beautiful, and so intricate that it must have taken forever to achieve. And it’s Lark, so no doubt it’s completely delicious too.  This is a cake for a very special occasion.  One person is going to be very lucky to have it today!

I also picked up adorable ‘cakewiches’ and L’il Merris — oatmeal cream pie sandwich cookies filled with maple buttercream from CakeMonkey and lemon rosemary shortbread from Large Marge that was smelling pretty irresistable in my car.  This morning I’ll be getting a slew of mini and baby bundts from Kiss My Bundt, then I’m off to Scoops.  So much more coming, too!  The whole city must be baking for No Cookie Left Behind!

And in yet another No Cookie Left Behind miracle, guys, the sky is blue today!!! I was on the verge of tears as I walked out of the supermarket yesterday morning to drizzles, but judging from early reports outside my bedroom window, after weeks of grey and gloom, looks it’s going to be one of those gorgeous Los Angeles day-after-rain days!  Perfect weather for a bake sale.


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